Guide: How to Remove Apps on Mac Completely

Usually, you'll uninstall apps on Mac like these: Right click the app's icon and select Move to Trash (or press Cmd+Backspace). Then empty the Trash immediately or later. It's a simple and easy process to get apps removed, compared to Windows uninstalls. But every coin has two sides. Is the typical uninstall process a perfect solution? No, it isn't. There are two issues: First, the typical uninstalls leave behind unnecessary files that will take up your storage space and make your Mac slow. Seconds, you can't uninstall the default OS X apps with this way. For example, you're not permitted to remove Safari or iTunes in the typical way.

In these cases, Movavi Mac Cleaner can help. It not only allows you to remove your personal applications without leftovers, but uninstall applications that are built in your Mac OS X. It's the perfect solution to remove apps on Mac. This article will show you the easy steps to uninstall apps on Mac with Movavi Mac Cleaner.

Step 1: Install and Launch Movavi Mac Uninstaller

Download Movavi App Remover, double click the dmg file to mount it and install it to your Mac. When you launch it, you'll get a review of your Mac status. You're provided with an AutoClean option to optimize your Mac automatically. Here we skip this step and show you how to uninstall apps on Mac first.

Uninstaller Apps

Step 2: Scan for All Apps on Your Mac

As you could see, the Uninstaller model shows you how many applications are existing in your operating system. Click it to show what applications are included. You get three tabs: The User Apps tab, OS X Apps and Leftovers (apps have been uninstalled but incomplete). In the apps table, you're able sort apps by size, name, last use, etc.

Uninstaller Apps

Step 3: Select Unwanted Apps and Remove Completely

To remove an app, select it in the list and click the Remove button. Click the circle button to re-scan installed applications on your Mac. It's the same to uninstall user apps and OS X apps. But generally, it's not a good idea to uninstall system apps like iTunes or Mail. Errors will be given when the system requires these apps. By contrary, if you've made the decision, Movavi Mac Uninstaller will remove unwanted apps thoroughly, without any leftover. Get a free trial now! You can uninstall apps or remove junk files up to 500MB in size for totally free.

Uninstaller Apps

Note that you'll be prompted every time you move apps to the Trash. This is an optimal way to remove apps in the original straightforward way, as well as clean leftovers with one click using Movavi Mac Remover. If you don't like this option, you're able to cancel it by going to Movavi Mac Cleaner > Preferences > Monitoring and uncheck the last option. .

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